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February 21, 2011 at 10:30 am, by ipsadmin

IPS Institute qualifications are designed to transfer learning into the workplace environment improving business performance and giving organisations real return on investment for their training dollar. 

We provide professional development opportunities for the entire organisation to ensure successful outcomes from our qualifications.

There are several partners in the IPS learning experience.  The organisation, the IPS Institute Team,  the student and their line supervisor.  Commitment from all partners is essential to achieve the organisation’s desired outcomes and the qualification.

·         The organisation must provide the time for study, access to workplace projects and the appropriate tools to complete them.

·         IPS Institute provides the latest learning methodologies, highly experienced course advisors, facilitators, coaches, assessors and support staff to maximise the overall learning experience.

·         The student must be committed to achieving the qualification outcomes, be prepared to study at work and home, undertake workplace projects to improve business operations and transfer their learning into real productive work.

·         The supervisor mentors the student and together with IPS Institute; devise an action plan of workplace tasks and/or projects to be achieved over the duration of the qualification.

IPS Institute will provide the following additional programs to support the achievement of identified outcomes:

Student Induction

IPS students enrolled in a qualification attend a mandatory half-day induction program addressing study and assessment skills, motivation and how to transfer knowledge into the workplace.  The qualification will be explained to them fully and will be aligned against their job role ensuring they have enrolled in the most relevant pathway.

Mentoring in the Workplace

This half-day complimentary workshop is recommended to all line supervisors of students.  It covers the role of a mentor in a qualification, the importance of exposure to work tasks/projects that align to the competencies being taught providing the opportunity to demonstrate workplace competence, supporting practice opportunities as necessary and the importance of communication to achieve results. The support of the supervisor is crucial to the learning transferred from the classroom to genuine workplace outcomes, success and real return on investment for the organisation.  This workshop is valued at $200.

IPS Boardroom Club

IPS invites the owner or manager of the organisation to attend this exclusive non-accredited 3 day program complimentary.  It is held one day per month for three months.  It provides tips, tools and techniques to propel the organisation forward and increase profits.  Participants must sign a Confidentiality Agreement, what goes on in the Boardroom, stays in the Boardroom! This program is valued at $1,500.

Transferring learning into the Workplace

A coach is allocated to each student to assist the transfer of knowledge gained from our courses into productive work outcomes.  The coach will contact the student once per month to track progress on workplace projects.

Competency-based Management Workshop

IPS Institute’s methodologies of learning are based on the principles of Competency-based Management (CBM).  Organisations receive one complimentary seat in a half-day workshop which explains CBM and how it can be easily utilised in recruitment and performance appraisal processes. This workshop is valued at $200.

Workshop Vouchers

IPS Institute runs regular accredited and non-accredited workshops. Receive a workshop voucher for every student enrolled with IPS Institute.  These can be used by anyone in the organisation, simply book into a workshop to redeem them.  Vouchers are valued at $395.

Recognition of Achievement

IPS Institute presents annual awards for achievement for improved business operations and performance as a direct result of transferring learning into the workplace.  IPS also recognises the achievements of all partners in the overall learning experience. The awards are:-

·         Learning Transfer Excellence

·         Employer of the Year

·         Student of the Year

·         Supervisor of the Year

·         Facilitator of the Year

·         Coach of the Year

·         Supporter of the Year

·         Course Advisor of the Year


Welcome to the IPS difference!