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Government Funding

The Australian Government offers support to Australian businesses so that they may remain competitive in the global marketplace and increase bottom line performance. In doing so, the Government offers funding for the training and development of employees across a range of sectors. This helps businesses become more competitive by building the skills of their employees. Trained employees are not only an asset, but are the lifeblood of any business. State Governments offer support to students to assist in the cost of training for them to achieve a qualification.

How much funding?

There are various forms of funding available from both State and Federal Governments. This includes Queensland Department of Education and Training User Choice, Certificate 3 Guarantee Program and Higher Level Skills Program. The Commonwealth Government may provide up to $4,000 funding to employers of eligible Australian trainees and apprentices.


The Australian Government remains committed to increase the levels of post-secondary participation to increase the productivity of its workforce.


The funding can differ between states, depending on Government Initiatives. We suggest you call us on 07 3841 8011 to find out more. IPS Institute offers courses throughout Australia, with courses delivered face to face, online and through blended delivery.


For face to face courses, commencement dates can differ. Online courses are available to commence at any time suitable to the candidate.


Face to face sessions can be delivered in-house for groups or our public programs are delivered at a convenient external location or IPS premises. Online courses can be completed at any time and location. All that is needed is a computer and access to the internet. This makes it an extremely convenient way for our students to complete their studies.


Guidelines do apply for eligibility to access funding. Please call us now on (07) 3841 8011 to find out if you are eligible.