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Dynamic Academy


Dynamic Academy Australia

Dynamic Academy Australia is the latest offering from IPS, led by CEO Vicky Jennings, and incorporates Dynamic Academy.

This latest offering continues the traditional IPS focus on the development of organisations and their most valuable asset, their people.

Dynamic Academy is a business development tool that can be used to identify the strengths within your team members, align accountability of team members to their strengths, and can increase productivity, revenue and profits.

TO KNOW MORE: Go to our new Dynamic Academy Australia website at

INVITATION: Attend a Dynamic Academy taster session to find out more: this includes your own Dynamic Academy profile and group debrief.

ACCREDITATION OPPORTUNITY: Find out how Dynamic Academy could be a business opportunity for you.

TESTIMONIALS: Read this feedback from the eleven professionals who graduated as Dynamic Academy Performance Consultants on 3 February at the Gold Coast.

DOWNLOAD our 14-page Dynamic Academy e-Guide here.

Contact IPS Talent Assessment Services at +61 7 3841 8011.