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Career Advice

IPS offers the following career services to people looking for assistance and direction with the sometimes difficult process of career change.

Are you one of the 70 per cent of dissatisfied people either seeking a change of career or a different job?

Read on – and call us on (07) 3841 8011 for assistance.

Reinvent your Career Group Workshop:

IPS Institute recently exhibited at the ‘Reinvent your Career Expo’ in Brisbane, where we spoke with hundreds of people seeking career assistance through coaching, workshops, advice, training, resume updates and job search skills.

As a result we are presenting a follow-up Career Change workshops in Brisbane. In this workshop an IPS Career Coach will cover:

IPS staff at the 'Reinvent your Career' Expo: Brisbane, March 2012

IPS Staff

  • Identifying your natural talents
  • Reconnecting with your true interests
  • Getting started in a different direction
  • ‘Brand You’ and your personal marketing material
  • Making connections of value

Cost: $165 – or $275 for two people (incl GST)


IPS Institute

Building 1/2960 Logan Road

Underwood, Queensland

(close to the Gateway Motorway)

BOOK HERE using PayPal – select the number of attendees in your booking:

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BONUS – download your copy of ‘Little Map of Career Change here: designed for people who want to reinvent their career.


Dynamic Academy Profile Test: ideal Step One in career change

The Dynamic Academy Profile assesses your personality, strengths, productivity, values and behaviour in order to determine which game you should be playing to be more in flow, and why.

Knowing your value means you can concentrate on your strengths and allow others to use their strengths in areas that you are not inspired by, or proficient in.

The Dynamic Academy Profile provides you with a guide to help you on your path by identifying strategies and steps to focus on. It will give you insights and clarity on yourself and your interaction with others. It will also more than likely raise some questions to ask, which of course we are more than happy to help you with.

On an individual level, your profile can help you find your value and show you how to give it to others. Dynamic Academy shows you how to unleash the gift that is your value.

On an organisational level, using it can help you find people to fit and fulfil a role, restructure a team, or even change and transform an entire enterprise to increase team productivity.

To complete your own Dynamic Academy Profile Test simply go to our Dynamic Academy website – the cost is $165 (incl GST):


For a more in-depth understanding of your natural talents and how to apply that understanding as you make career-changing decisions, you are advised to spend time with the IPS Career Coach & Dynamic Academy Performance Consultant, Bev Ryan (second from left in photo above).

Individual Dynamic Academy Profile Test PLUS one hour debrief with a trained Career Coach & Dynamic Academy Performance Consultant $275

Book your profile Test and Debrief session: call (07) 3841 8011


Individual Career Coaching sessions

You can work closely with our Career Coach for one session or a series of sessions to take you through any or all of the following processes. We start where you are at, and progress from there.

  • Identifying your natural talents
  • Reconnecting with your true interests
  • Getting started in a different direction
  • ‘Brand You’ and your personal marketing material – your resume.
  • Making connections of value

Cost: $110/hour.

To book a Career Coaching session simply call (07) 3841 8011