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What is Dynamic Academy?

Dynamic Academy is a business development tool that can be used to identify the strengths within your team members, align accountability of team members to their strengths, and can increase productivity, revenue and profits. It is based on the premise that individuals, teams and enterprises will only perform to their maximum when individuals perform tasks which best utilise their natural talents.

Dynamic Academy profiling can benefit the individuals working in your business, and the performance of your business as a whole.

Dynamic Academy also offers an exciting new business opportunity for coaches and consultants: you will find full information on our new website at

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What results can I expect?

Dynamic Academy global brand was launched in November 2015 and has been making a difference in a diverse range of organisations. Similar results are evident in Australia. Our first in-house workshops were held late in 2011 and together with our client, we came up with a plan to increase the value they are offering clients, which will return an additional $1 million of revenue in the next 12 months, when implemented.


‘Putting my team through the Dynamic Academy workshop was very beneficial to team morale. While we were already quite functional as a team, the team members didn’t know it: the workshop has allowed them to grow as a team and develop even further. I really enjoyed how they opened up and discussed team dynamics and the rest of the business. The team is now pumped and motivated to do an even better job by working together and supporting each other to achieve even more.
This workshop is a must-do! It will add value to your business. Just do it and you will find out.’

Ivor North
HR Manager
Terry White Management
, Brisbane

‘It was a pleasure to attend the recent one-week accreditation program for Dynamic Academy Performance Consultants.
What I liked most was the experiential learning. The opportunity to debrief a live client was extremely useful. The various workshop exercises that we experienced and ran were both engaging and made powerful points.
The workshop certainly prepared the attendees for not only debriefing individual profiles but particularly for running workshops for enterprises that build trust and flow with teams and which get measurable productivity results.
I’ve attended a lot of workshops and accreditations over many years that I’ve been involved in the training industry. This was a very high standard and I was very impressed.’

Doug Callander, Speaker – Trainer – Consultant
Former President NSW National Speakers Association of Australia
Sydney, Australia

‘The program was stimulating, challenging – in the best way – and focussed on providing a return on our investment in training as Performance Consultants. We left with actionable priorities, and an amazing business opportunity, with outstanding ongoing support available after completion.’

Bev Ryan, Career Change Coach
Brisbane, Australia

‘This program will truly catapult your personal and professional life to new heights. I would recommend to everyone the opportunity to align their lives into flow.’

Christine Willersdorf, Principal of Elicit Success
Adelaide, Australia

Who is Dynamic Academy For?

Dynamic Academy represents an excellent business opportunity for companies across all industry on all topics following Entrepreneurs – Businesses – Corporates – Teams -Schools – Universities – Practitioners

How can I get involved in this opportunity?

IPS is the only accredited master trainer in Australia that can offer training in this unique tool.

How can I find out more?

You can attend a two-hour Dynamic Academy Taster Session

You can also call (07) 3841 8011 for a confidential chat about your needs.