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Consulting Services

IPS offers a range of learning and development services to specific key industries, leading organisations, major projects and individuals. These services include consulting services that improve workforce capability through the implementation of frameworks, qualifications and customised course design and delivery.

Training Services

IPS Institute provides a range of off-the-shelf and tailored training programs that have been designed to meet the specific requirements of industry and the enterprises within them.  Flexibility and customisation are the cornerstones to our success.  IPS Institute also offers a range of nationally accredited qualifications which are delivered by industry experts producing relevant outcomes for participants and their employers.

Dynamic Academy

We believe in developing and empowering social enterprises to make a difference in our world. The bigger the “why” you are in business, the bigger your business will be. Therefore everything we do, is about the transformation of business strategy and education systems globally. We foster the genius inside each of us, whether we are business owners, team members, consultants or students, we are all valuable in our own unique way with the ability to make great contributions to this world.

Our Solutions

IPS solutions are designed in consultation with our clients to meet the specific needs of targeted industries. To do this IPS has a team of specialised consultants with relevant expertise and industry backgrounds. IPS provide  frameworks for these consultants to operate in which produce consistent outcomes.

Working with IPS

IPS is currently working with the civil construction industry where there is a significant need for the development and recognition of skills and knowledge, particularly in the para-professional roles. IPS in partnership with Construction Skills Queensland have been working on several initiatives to address the challenges mentioned above.

The core strength of IPS is to work with an industry, identify the specific individual requirements of people working in that industry and provide solutions that are tailored to address the challenges.

Whatever your industry, whatever your challenge, whatever your location, talk to IPS now.